I am the Rotten Egg

February 9, 2010

Because I’m the last one here, starting a blog.  Get it?

There’s no excuse for it.  I write for a living.  I write for fun.  I just haven’t been writing online.  Much.  I started a blog a while back, I confess, and averaged one entry every two months.  Shameful.  Now I’m deciding whether to transfer them here and discard the old space.

I’m fond of where they reside because my first and only follower was my dear friend David McClendon, who passed away recently.  There is something quite comforting about visiting the old page and seeing his face there, still looking out for me, still waiting for me to write more.   (Random departure:  Wondering about the true measure of your worth on this planet?  Read what another dear friend, Megan Cottrell, wrote to commemorate our beloved David)

Come to think of it, perhaps it isn’t such a random departure.  David is the reason that I’m doing it right this time.  Even when he was wheezing and coughing, barely able to walk up stairs without taking a rest, he would stick to his writing schedule.

After he read a collection of my short stories, he demanded that I write more.  We planned  a screenplay collaboration born (borne?) out of hours spent sitting out on the back deck with good whiskey and golden sunsets.  He scoffed, rightly, at my excuses for not writing more for myself.

Whether I move those fluff posts over here or not, I’ll never get rid of that space.  David’s waiting for me after all.


One Response to “I am the Rotten Egg”

  1. Transfer the old blog! For SO many reasons…transfer it! I’m sure you know the “so many” and I’m also sure they outweigh the “maybe nots”.

    (I’m also a Virgo and am always right because of it!)

    I relate to the rotten egg. I write a blog once or twice a month. I love to write…or used to before I became corporate. At one time, I was told that I was good at it. No idea what happened there… But I’m glad you started up again with a blog! Looking forward to reading more, commenting heavily and RT’ing tons!!


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