A Review of Simone’s in Pilsen

February 12, 2010

<Originally posted October 5, 2009 on the old site>

As posted on Yelp:

My favorite foodie group of 4 highly evolved intellects with savvy palates chose Simone’s for our (almost) monthly gathering. We look for affordable eats with flavor and flair to suit our discriminating tastes and our limited budgets. Simone’s Bar has a Sunday brunch that worked perfectly. Excellent service that didn’t change color when we decided to stick around for an hour after paying. The decor is an urban explorer’s dream, with booths fashioned out of old seat belts (which was much enjoyed by my bum), and a bar made from a bowling alley lane and countless other elements derived from architectural excavation. Environmentally friendly!

I ordered the special bloody mary and everyone else got mimosas. Always the oddball. But when our drinks arrived, the oddball was the object of Biblical coveted…ness. Next to their elegant and surely delicious mix of champagne and freshly-squeezed OJ (no one offered me a sip – boooo!) sat my behemoth bloody mary, homemade with no mix, nice and spicy, topped with not only a stuffed olive dusted with celery salty goodness, but also a rolled slice of fruity cheese and a large, triangular parmesan crispy cracker thing. It was an appetizer laced with booze! My favorite. AND it came with a “sidecar” of complementary beer! For $7.50, same price as the mimosa, so I believe mine was the better deal. Unless you hate bloody mary’s. But then you suck. I will say that halfway through it (which takes me about 3.2 seconds flat), the mary became less bloody and more sedimentary, so next time I will just drink it faster.

Two of us ordered the breakfast croissant off of the brunch menu and two of us ordered burgers. Mine was the Pilsen burger with jalapenos, guacamole, and some fancy cheese. I loved the fact that the jalapenos, were FRESH, and thick-sliced rather than those rancid, flimsy pickled kinds that one fishes out of a jar. The guacamole was good not stellar, and the burger overall was good not stellar. The fries came with a mix of the regular and sweet potato variety. Very good. Everyone else enjoyed their food and I noticed that the breakfast croissants came with super thinly sliced hashbrowns but again, no one offered me a taste! Rude. I digress. I’ll definitely be back to Simone’s to try the dinner menu and this time, I’ll just grab food off of everyone else’s plate so if that bothers you, you might want to decline my invitation. If you get one.


2 Responses to “A Review of Simone’s in Pilsen”

  1. Bloody mary with a beer sidecar?! For $7.50?! Nice.

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