Tweetup, Meetup. Plan a Funky Night.

February 20, 2010

This post is geared to the Twitter-Folk in the audience.

I attended a fun little tweetup  at Delilah’s hosted by the wonderful @MailorderAndie on Thursday.

I invited a gadabout friend who I consider one of the most socially-outgoing, up for anything people I know.  He agreed to join our small group of Twitter friends who sniffed out some attractive whiskey specials and posted on his seldom-used Twitter account:

“I’m at a Twitter event. Yep. That’s where I am.”

Event would be an overstatement.  And the inference seems clear:  “Yes, I am at a Tweetup with other people who use words like Tweetup, hashtag, and DM and refer to themselves and each other with the @ sign followed by something clever.  Commence laughter.”

Perhaps I’m reading too much into his post.  It was, after all, posted on Twitter.

What makes a Tweetup different from any happy hour?  There are always a couple of people you don’t know when you head out for drinks with colleagues, teammates, or any other group of people with shared interests.  In this case of a tweetup, Twitter is usually that shared interest.

I highly recommend hosting one for yourself.

@Leyla_a from Lotus Marketing hosted the enjoyable Sushi Sambi event few weeks back.  Some 125 people came throughout the course of the night and Haiti contributions were raised from the sale of a particularly delicious roll.  Drink specials kept people ankle deep in mojitos and the twitterazzi (me) harrassed people kissing in dark corners.

Even more people are expected to attend @Tokyofan‘s Pre-Spring Tweetup scheduled for next Wednesday at Murasaki.  So many that the online invitation reached the restaurant’s capacity.  At last count, there are 12 door prizes and a lot of food and drink specials to keep us fat and tipsy.

Keep in mind, they don’t have to be highly organized blow-out affairs.

I met @hooshy because she responded to one of my many posts about my affection for a steaming, fragrant bowl of pho. 

She had always wanted to try it, but unsure about how to properly enjoy it, she always opted for familiar dishes.  And thanks to Twitter, the #Phonatics were born.  Whenever the mood strikes, we post an open invitation on Twitter and inevitably find newbies to instruct in the intricacies of eating (and drinking) pho.   @Chanthana likes the meatballs, especially at Pho777.  @ValentiLaw brings us homemade granola and prefers the broth at Tank Noodle.  @DanBlystone likes to finish all the noodles and meat, then pick up the bowl to drain the broth.  My grandmother would be so proud.

Twitter has become a significant part of my social life.  I can’t tell you how many new friends I’ve made in the last few months alone as a result of this addictive online conversation platform.  Tweetups give me an opportunity to meet in real life some folks who already seem like old friends.  There is a shorthand among us and a comfort level that I haven’t encountered before with networking events and social media driven outings.

Come Monday, I may write about tomorrow’s road trip to the South Side for chicken and waffles with my pals.

So take your Twitter experience to the next level by inviting folks out for bowling, a few hands of euchre, a movie, or to dine on your favorite guilty pleasure.  You might be surprised who responds, how many are up for an impromptu jaunt, and how much fun you will have.

Commence laughter.


4 Responses to “Tweetup, Meetup. Plan a Funky Night.”

  1. Chanthana Says:

    Tweetups have quickly become my favorite part of Twitter. My first tweetup was in May 2008 when I met @hooshy @foiledcupcakes and so many others at #sushiclubchicago. Since then, I have brunched, lunched, boozed, run, and brainstormed with so many tweeps. I value the friendships I have made through Twitter while meeting many tweeps IRL. Truthfully, I also like keeping my Twitter life separate from my existing friends. There is a special bond my IRL friends cannot understand, but that’s ok with me. After all, Twitter is not for everyone 🙂

  2. feliciacago Says:

    Agreed, it’s not for everyone and I don’t even try to answer the constant “What is Twitter anyway?” question from the non crowd. I just wish they would quit asking. Google it!

  3. Sami Says:

    I stopped trying to drag twitter virgins along to any tweetups. They make fun, complain and don’t get it at all. Why bring such a buzz kill? Thanks for mention and great post!

  4. […] because the Chicken and Waffles Road Trip I mentioned has come and gone.  And although my waistline will be in recovery for decades to come, I am […]

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