Costco Wars pt. 2

March 8, 2010

If you aren’t yet familiar with Costco Wars, take a moment to review the origin and rules of everyone’s soon-to-be favorite online interactive game.

Today I decided to brave the Sunday rush and stock up on much needed bulk proteins.  Secretly, I was just eager to see if the hashtag could become a reality; would anyone submit challenges in practice rather than just theory?  I was not disappointed.

My relatively close parking spot was a sign of good things to come.

As I snapped this shot, my sweetheart arched the wary eyebrow of a non-Tweeter and asked, “What are you doing?”

I avoided eye contact as I whispered, “Costco Wars.”  He did not seem amused.

Had I known it was Oscar Sunday, I probably would have chosen to wait for less of an “occasion day” but then I would have missed the Diva.  The Diva category was proposed by Mana to celebrate all those ultra-stylish ladies who are overdressed for Costco.  Specifically, her wording was “most over-the-top, ‘not for Costco shopping’ outfit.”

I firmly believe that this mink spilling over onto the tilapia wins, hands down.

Another standout met the requirement for co-inventor Kevin’s category of Lamest Sample:

I should have included the earnest sampler who eyed me with annoyance as I snapped a pic of her charge, but I didn’t think she would abide my obnoxiousness for a second longer.  Sorry lady – war is hell.

Crister stumped me early on with a challenge to find the least expected item.  A brilliant suggestion because anything and everything shows up in those aisles.  I eliminated food as a potential candidate early on simply because it didn’t seem exotic enough.  What did I think, that I would come across a pen full of children to buy? Perhaps an artificial limb?  I fully admit here and now that my find was neither inspired nor unexpected.  I bow my head in shame at the big ol’ biscotti jar.  Apparently, I confused “Least Expected” with the “Most Bourgeois, Pretentious, and Affected” category.  Burn.

I will now attempt to redeem myself with a replacement submission:

Bulk pomegranate seeds!

The “Lazy” category represents items left clearly out of place and while my favorite was Teri’s submission of cold fish ditched in a warm place, I found this obese jar of olives stashed with the case o’ mushrooms.  Mmmmmmushroom and olive tapenade.

That’s about all I could manage today before the sweetheart became thoroughly irritated with my guerrilla tactics and decided it was time to leave.  So I wasn’t disappointed with my first official battle day, but he certainly was.  What can I say?  Love me, love my #CostcoWars.

I encourage you to follow the hashtag to enjoy all the pics, categories, and conversation I didn’t get to here.  While we haven’t reached critical mass just yet, the war is brewing and I can envision a day when the challenges flow and submissions are a’plenty.  My goal is to be on site one day and to become aware of a fellow warrior (hey! another hashtag: #CostcoWarrior) as we race down an aisle to snap the best pic, or better yet a video, of a misbehaving tot, which was Renee’s suggested category.

Until next time, the battle continues.


7 Responses to “Costco Wars pt. 2”

  1. ChicagoZen Says:

    This is like a fun treasure hunt… sure to make the crazy trip entertaining. What a fun post! Wishing I had a Costco membership… I know what an event going to Costco is from my visits with Mom in Amish town Ohio – but instead of all those cars, picture horses, buggies, and masses of the Amish carrying ice blocks.

    This could be a chapter in a series – will you be creating any more of these fun games? Maybe a spin-off of “Mana’s What not to wear” be it anywhere… or “Cab Moments: video of a crazy cabbie”…your clever ~ I just want to play!

    • feliciacago Says:

      Horse-n-buggies! Kevin’s proposed honking challenge takes on a whole new dimension there. Wait a second, the Amish go to Costco!?! New challenge: snap a pic of buggy loaded with modern electronics FTW!

      You should come with me sometime and then we’ll have double the fire-power. Plus, then I’ll be able to satisfy my own double-dare: a pic of an immature adult IN a cart. (Yeah, I mean me. Seemed like a bad idea to ask my sweetheart to take the pic.)

    • kevin Says:

      Horses and buggies don’t stand much of a chance in an OC Costco parking lot because the car to customer ratio is 1:1. No one carpools. It’s a rule. I took my daughter yesterday, and she had to show ID to prove she wasn’t old enough to drive herself. Plus, without the potential sale of Costco gasoline, I don’t think Costco would allow a horse and buggy to even enter the parking lot. Yeah, so you can see, probably not many Amish in the OC, but I will be on the lookout for anyone purchasing a block of ice.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Well done! I entered the Costco parking lot on Sunday only to be defeated by it. So my adventure with #Costcowars was just trying to find a spot, but all was not lost as I did come up with another category. As I slowed down to snap a photo of the 8 lane, 10 deep line in each lane waiting for gas, an eager line-waiting gas guzzler honked his horn at me (he may have been releated to Felicia’s significant other). I would hear two or three more sounds of joy as I negotiated the chaos and that’s when it hit me. #CostcoWars challenge: how many honks of the horn will you hear as you attempt to park. A fun twist to this challenge might be how many you cause.

    Anyway. Great first day, Felicia, especially given you were in #SweatheartWars, too. I will do better next time.

  3. Sami Says:

    I think my favorite was the Diva challenge. Priceless!

  4. Mana Says:

    Thanks for posting this and the mention. It seems like it was a very productive Costco trip :).

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