Because everybody needs a PUSH.

September 3, 2010

For several years now, I’ve needed a push.

Once upon a time, I had a stable, comfortable career.  And I was miserable.  I come from immigrants so I do not entertain the luxurious notion that we should “find the work we love” or “if you don’t love it, why do it?” and blah blah blah.  Come on.  Work is work.  Do your job, do it well, and save that touchy-feely poop for group therapy.


Well.  Half-right.

See, I have this interesting hobby:  Business writing.  Necessity writing.

Well, to me it’s interesting.

To everyone else, it seems to be a dreaded, loathed activity.  My dad was a business writer and a story teller, which is quite a combination.  I inherited his love affair with language and his enthusiasm for effective writing.  The worst favor you can ask of me is to give your work a once-over because I will instantly accept and delight in the process, even if my hair is on fire and my children are trapped in a well.  OK, I don’t have children but I’m pretty sure I would say, “Quiet kids, I’ll be right there after I re-work this passage.”

I write resumes for friends and their friends.  I research and construct business plans and funding plans.  I compose grant requests.  And I love it.  Something about the immersion into the necessary industry research intoxicates me.  Structuring a persuasive proposal gives me chills.  Collaborating with a job seeker to discover their accomplishments and to quantify their value to employers tickles my fancy and soothes my restless soul.  Good grief.  Effusive, much? (Yes, I am.)

And then one day, I got my push.

I examined my timeline and a trend emerged, as it often does.  My hobby, the business writing, was increasing as my “real” work was decreasing.  And my satisfaction at the end of the day was through the roof.

I didn’t even need to make the decision.  It appears that I already had.  This hobby was the answer to a question I had never asked myself:  “What work could I love to do?”

My hobby was pushing people toward their goals; a hard worker in need of a job, an entrepreneur in need of a plan, a small business seeking strategic growth.

And PUSH m3dia was born.

I am indebted to my partner and co-conspirator, Paul, for his endless inspiration and encouragement, and for teaching me that I can indeed do my work, do it well, and freaking love it.  Life is too short for anything less.

And if you’re so inclined, please connect with PushM3dia on Twitter and Facebook.


18 Responses to “Because everybody needs a PUSH.”

  1. Sami Says:

    I don’t think that any of us have doubt that you’ll be amazing at this wonderful new chapter. Congratulations and good luck!

  2. An Phan Says:

    You will be very successful in your new endeavor. As my pops always says, “Obsession is the key to success.” You won’t need much luck since you know what you’re doing and are motivated! WIN!!

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wow Bao, Felicia Yonter and Sami A, pushm3dia. pushm3dia said: And so it begins. […]

  4. Magda Says:

    OOOO exciting! I might need your services =)

    Best of luck!

  5. Peter Says:

    got here from twitter… very inspiring!

    The world belongs to those who follow their dreams

  6. Tom Rubin Says:

    I think Sami said it best! This is such an exciting time, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  7. Tony Says:

    Congratulations!! I’m very excited for you! You will be great at this. In fact, a few weeks ago I had to write a bio for myself, which I HATE doing. I totally thought that I should hire you to write it for me! I may still need your services.. 🙂

  8. Judy Says:

    Congrats!! Best of luck in your new endeavors! You are an inspiration to many people! 🙂

  9. Tom Valenti Says:


    Congratulations on getting this off the ground. It is a beautiful convergence of all the things you do so well! Best wishes for a long, suceessful and fun journey in this venture!


  10. Michael Knox Says:

    Woohoo! Congrats! Let me know if you need anything.

  11. Wow! Great job on this Felicia! Loved every word! You are an inspiration! I know you will be immensely successful!

  12. Mana Says:

    Congratulations! You are and will continue to be brilliant! Let’s get together soon I want to hear all about it! Cheers!

  13. Andrea Cedusky Says:

    Onward and upward! xo

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