Missing Time

September 23, 2010

I have been missing people lately.

Moving out of the city has cramped my style and it’s ticking me off.  Not that I went out much before, but Andersonville-to-downtown is more conducive to spontaneous tweetup attendance than ‘burb-to-town.  There’s just too much planning involved and it makes me tired and lazy and flabby.

Last night, I got a much needed catch-up session with old friends and met fabulous new ones.

Hey, there's Mitch!

Hey, there's Tony!

The wonderful Mr. Tweetup Sami hosted a Chicago Film Festival tweetup last night at the Wit.  Because I read the invitation wrong-like, I showed up at closing time and was laughed at by many.  But I didn’t mind because some of my favorite people were doing the laughing.  I must say, there are few things in life that top walking into a room filled with the likes of Mitch, Chico, Tom, Mary Kay, Matt, Leyla, Tony, Jon-David, and Sami.

It’s just spicy sausage gravy to then add Nicole, Mike, Chris, Brenda, Kerri and Nick to the mix.  To finally meet Jen and Tamara after enjoying their online personas forever just tipped the scales toward perfection.

If only I’d been on time.


4 Responses to “Missing Time”

  1. sami Says:

    So lovely seeing you. You showed up and that’s all that mattered!

  2. Mitch Byrne Says:

    It was great to see you and everyone else! Seems like you make it into the city well enough. Try to enjoy the burbs, they may grow on you! I like going to Chicago, then going back home.Give Park Ridge a chance. Nice post!

  3. Tom Says:

    I too live in the suburbs and now that I’m no longer working downtown, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it to as many events.

    I’m very happy you showed up, late or not!

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