Search Engine Terms and Life Lessons

September 24, 2010

If you have a blog or a website, you’re probably utilizing tools to monitor and analyze the traffic to better understand and grow your audience.  My friend Leyla wrote a great post about Using Analytics to Get the Most From Your Blog Posts this time last year and revived it today for an anniversary run.

As Leyla aptly outlines, these tools can help you to understand where your traffic originates, which ads are effectively driving traffic, and what content keeps them coming back.  The keywords section resonates with me this morning.

Keywords tell you which words or phrases were searched that led an eager, motivated surfer to your little corner of the web.  These are illuminating because they can tell you objectively how your content is perceived.

Or they can tell you that you’re fat.

I woke up to this rather shocking slap in the wordpress this morning.  This juicy nugget of analytics tells me little about my blog’s reach but it did deliver.

Initially, I obsessed (as I am wont to do) over the reality that someone recently encountered me at a happy social function, possibly engaging me with a smile, a hug, and promises to catch up one-on-one over lunch only to be thinking behind glassy eyes, “Dang, Felicia has gained some weight.”

What boggles my mind is that this person was motivated to actually SEARCH for information behind this weight gain.  What did this person expect to find?  A reason perhaps, or a discussion thread devoted to the topic. God forbid.

And then something wonderful happened.  I started laughing.  You would think being faced with the words that women fear more than death would give me a moment’s pause to blush or cry or vomit or something melodramatic.  Truth is, I was contemplative and then I was laughing.  And this reaction delights me.

I was too chicken to participate in Rachel‘s brilliant No-Makeup Week campaign for all the usual excuses.  It stands to reason that being called fat would appeal to the same ingrained self-image issues and cripple my confidence for at least a few minutes.  But it didn’t and here’s why.

I come from immigrants.

I grew up on public assistance.

I know people who are hungry right this moment.

I will never, ever complain about having too much food to eat.

I love and I am loved in return.  And I always try to be kind.  These things make me who I am.

So thank you, anonymous searcher, for the morning laugh and lesson.  This concludes my attention to the matter.  I have gained some weight and I think I look fantastic.  I will obsess no more.

And besides…you’re ugly.

14 Responses to “Search Engine Terms and Life Lessons”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Ha! You’re awesome (and totally NOT fat!)
    “I will never, ever complain about having too much food to eat.”
    Amen, sister! Let’s go eat some chicken and waffles!

  2. dorothyn21 Says:

    Just some idiot being a moron! Oh, and I want some chicken and waffles and maybe even some ice cream after. Love ya, Felicia!

  3. You know, last time I saw you, I actually thought you looked skinnier than usual. But I didn’t say it because I’m a girl and I can’t truly be happy when a friend loses weight.

    The second most popular search phrase for my blog is “fuck justin bieber” and I suspect that about half of those are actually looking for justin bieber porn.

  4. Genie Says:

    Bahaha! Felicia, you handled this with good humor and grace. AND how bizarre??? What a strange thing to google. Hehe. Chicken and Waffles followed with ice cream sounds divine.

  5. Let’s be more optimistic here and suggest that they meant to say PHAT. Either way you are beautiful just the way you are. 🙂

  6. Tom Rubin Says:

    I really agree with Dorothy. My money would be on it being some idiot with way too much free time.

    This line is complete win: “I love and I am loved in return. And I always try to be kind. These things make me who I am.”

    Well said.

    You are gorgeous! You are kind! You are fabulous!
    You are NOT fat. Hey, I’m practically an expert – I hugged you twice Wednesday night.

    It’s very cool how Leyla went without makeup this week. Honestly (for reals) you could have done so too and been just as beautiful for beauty comes from within.

    Happy Friday to you and keep on being awesome.

    P.S. I adore ice cream as well.

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