Good Business

February 25, 2011

I received this lovely message today from a relatively new friend whose business I support:

“I’m busy responding to emails and dealing with remarkably less garbage than usual … and it got me to thinking about people I like. You’re cool because you do what you say and you follow up with things. You have no idea how refreshing it is when someone does that.

I just wanted to send a note. Positive feedback FTW.”

I began supporting his modest start-up because he had a solid, focused idea and buckets of enthusiasm.

I loosened up my traditionally padlocked purse strings because I genuinely like his product.

I was already a fan and a customer. This note elevated my commitment to his work.

Every dollar we spend is an investment in someone’s work. And starting a business is cultivating relationships, because initially we work with those we like.  Of course, then it’s up to them to keep us coming back for more.

That’s just good business.


8 Responses to “Good Business”

  1. agentlukehere Says:

    It’s how serious people do.

  2. agentlukehere Says:

    It’s how I do. Almost everything,

  3. Tom Rubin Says:

    It’s always refreshing to see the good people in life succeeding! As a new business owner I can fully relate to what you are saying.

    Nice job!

  4. A dedicated customer spending money on product is the best investment any small business can get.

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