September 18, 2012

Are you pro- or anti- Instagram? All I know is, I am pro-Emily.

total e-bag

I set up an Instagram account (emilybelden). And I kind of hate it.

First off, let it be known I have nothing against photos. I have nothing against sharing (unless it’s food or boyfriends). But when you put the two together, the magical reaction that six million other filter-loving photographers seem to have is just not happening for me. The thought that I am app-impotent has crossed my mind more than once.

My key observation about it so far is as follows: this thing is god’s gift for solid 6’s. Go ahead try it: load a photo of someone who is average-looking, filter it, and try to tell me they don’t immediately become at least an 8 thanks to a deeper contrast and an orientation that doesn’t allow for the ability to zoom. A buffer for bad pictures? That fact alone should make it my go to camera device. But…

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