Seeking a Travel Accountability Buddy

July 6, 2016

I am in search of a travel accountability buddy.

Not to travel with, necessarily.

I started the year with the honest intention of taking short weekend trips across the US since I didn’t have a long overseas trip planned. And now it’s July. And I’ve only been to Austin and Seattle: two cities I adore but have been to before.

I crave new sights and smells and tastes. I want to hear stories from local characters about local lore at every dive joint and general store I can find, told in every thick accent of every region of the U.S.

But I lack discipline. And unlimited funds.

So, I’m looking for a pal who shares the same goal. Someone who might check-in on whether I followed through with diverting my Hulu funds to the travel piggy-bank. Who can help me to rank cities with great public transportation, requiring less budgeting for car rental and cabs. Who will remind me that not spending money is not the same thing as saving money. Who will point out that I can satisfy my voracious, almost physical need for reading on the plane. Who will come up with more for this accountability list.

Someone who will remind me to not talk myself out of my goals.

I’ll do the same for you, kind friend. I’m great at this sort of structure for project management at work and for OPG (other people’s goals).

Not so much for myself.

You can come with me, if you like. But I tend to wander around aimlessly and in silence. I won’t follow your itinerary or eat at chain restaurants. I won’t go to a pool or lay on a beach. Or enter a gift shop. But we can share space and/or catch up on all we saw and did, over coffee in the morning. Early though, because I get up at 5am, even on vacation.

I’m thinking about southern U.S. Civil War cities for my first trip. Charleston, maybe. Or Wilmington. In August? That sounds hot. And muggy. I hate muggy. See? This is why I need you, pal. Remind me to check the humidity, and to look north instead.

Raise your hand if this is you. Or your friend. Or my friend. I’ll be over here, checking out flights.


2 Responses to “Seeking a Travel Accountability Buddy”

  1. tombesore Says:

    Okay…. it’s almost September 1! Where did you visit in July and August? I’m planning a short daytrip to Milwaukee. You should come.

    • feliciacago Says:

      Sadly, I went nowhere in July or August. DC and Vegas in May, but those were for work. Egregious!

      Milwaukee is a great idea for a daytrip. You and Chantal should meet us at Journeyman Distillery in MI sometime too!

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