My life isn’t mono-thematic, so why should my blog be?

If I had unlimited funds:

  • I would eat in a different dirty restaurant every other night and a nice one once a month.
  • The rest of the time, I would cook way too much and my friends would know to pop in for leftovers.
  • I would live in a big empty loft like the dancer/welder in Flashdance.  I dislike walls and closed doors.
  • I would replace the front door with hippie beads .
  • I would own a cozy restaurant downstairs where you could eat free if you would simply bring a homeless person to dinner with you (but not a crazy one).
  • I would have a projector pointed at a big white sheet on the wall at all times with Peter Sellers and Monty Python in the queue.
  • I would be silly more often.

Wait a minute, I can do most of these now.  Epiphany.

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5 Responses to “About me”

  1. chanthana Says:

    You do dream big and live even bigger. I’m taking note of your creative writing style. Love it!

  2. The Bus. Says:

    I miss you, too.

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