In the Blink of a Year

March 7, 2011

Remember when a year sounded like a lifetime?


I recall being a child lamenting the eternity I had to endure until summer vacation. The teacher laughed and said, “Just wait until you’re grown and a whole year passes in a flash.”

Since I’ve understood her sentiment for a while now, I thought I had a better handle on the disappearance of time.

And then I saw this:

Hi Dorothy!

Ah #HaimUp.

For those of you not versed in the language of Twitter, the # is a hashtag and the “Up” is a play on the word TweetUp.

The Haim is for the one and only Corey Haim, whose death brought together a ragtag group of friends for a very unusual evening.

Corey Haim died on March 10, 2010.

On March 11th, this happened:

Justine and I had decided that tribute needed to be paid.

In the span of less than a day, we wrangled a venue, delicious eats from the one and only Ramon De Leon, and the bevy of everyone’s favorite Chicago Twitter personalities.

What we didn’t plan was the traveling Roshambo tournament, which sauntered into the pub and hypnotized us all.

Who knew there existed traveling roshambo tournaments?

Who knew that Rock/Paper/Scissors was called roshambo? Of course you did. Congratulations. Know-it-all.

I shall never forget the sight of Laser Fists, Danimal, and the Blazin Asian competing with fury or the sound of the roaring crowd chanting “One-Two-Three-THROW!”

Sami took this and should've been in it.

Laser Fists!

I think it tipped the event from fun and silly to legendary. To me, anyway.

And that’s what I was doing a year ago.

I had no idea that in the blink of a year, I would move away from my beloved Andersonville, commit to launching Push m3dia full-time, buy a house in the suburbs, gain a bunch of weight (pffft), and be ten weeks away from the most meaningful accomplishment of my life. So far.

I’m eager to see what the next year will bring.

I’ve made a lot of plans, but the unexpected is the stuff of legends.

I’m ready for it.


16 Responses to “In the Blink of a Year”

  1. Chanthana Says:

    I was the Blazin Asian! Though Asian Sensation has a nice ring to it. hahahaha I remember going up against the Polish Assassin. Damn good times…

  2. dorothyn21 Says:

    Wow, can’t believe it’s been a year already. Made so much better by all the friends I made, especially you, Felicia! Great times!!

  3. EbArchDesign Says:

    I had no idea Corey Haim had died. Wow.

  4. ParkRidgeDDS Says:

    Excellent…and,BTW, I had NO idea as to what Roshambo was (thanks for the clarification) Time is our most precious commodity. We fritter it away as if it could be replenished…it can’t. We are given 86,400 seconds to use to the best of our ability every day…if we don’t use them, they don’t roll over….there are no do-overs. We get just one chance. One of the reasons that I love any chance that I get to hang with you is that you are one of those people who lives life robustly. You take each one of those seconds and you dig into with abandon. So, while the passing of time seems to occur more quickly as we age, the solution, I think, is to live each of those 86,400 seconds a day that we have to the fullest. 😉

  5. Tom Rubin Says:

    Unfortuntely time waits for nobody. I wish I could have been there, but I think that was before we became friends. Our paths have been similar and I hope we both end up where we want to be.

    It’s friends like you that make life special and that create the memories that last a lifetime 🙂

  6. Sami Says:

    We are awesome! The end.

  7. Tony Says:

    I remember seeing these tweets about this a year ago. I had not met you, Felicia, or any of the participants yet, but I knew I needed to change that!

  8. I can’t wait to use roshambo in a sentence. Also, I am throwing paper because I still believe in it, against all evidence to the contrary.


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