The Rhino Principle

February 4, 2014

I did not write this.

But I read it often, reminding myself to shut my trap, put my head down, and get done what needs to get done. Highly recommend you give it a gander.

“There’s a certain rule in life that I’ve found worth considering. It particularly applies if you’re confronted by a crisis. I call it the Rhino Principle.

Now, the rhino is not a particularly subtle or clever animal. It’s the last of the antediluvian quadrupeds to carry a great weight of body armor. And by all the rules of progressive design and the process of natural selection the rhino ought to have been eliminated. But it hasn’t been. Why not? Because the rhino is single-minded. When it perceives an object, it makes a decision–to charge. And it puts everything it’s got into that charge. When the charge is over, the object is either flattened or has gone a long way into cover, whereupon the rhino instantly resumes browsing.

Few people think of learning from a rhino. But I have. And when I hear of an author who cannot finish or get started on a book, I send him (or her) a rhino card. I paint a watercolor of a rhinoceros on the front of a postcard–something I do well, as I’ve practiced it a great many times. And in the space next to the address I write: “Stop fussing about that book. Just charge it. Keep on charging it until it is finished. That’s what the rhino does. Put this card over your desk and remember the Rhino Principle.””

The author continues by applying the principle to politics and business, if you are so inclined. You’re welcome.

By the way, I’ve missed you, gentle reader.

5 Responses to “The Rhino Principle”

  1. Awesome. Imma gonna be the rhino henceforth.

  2. Hi Sweet Felicia! I really love this principle…not one that I had heard of but one that I most certainly should keep in mind! Thank you!!

  3. Tom Rubin Says:

    I’ve missed your blog posts not to mention, I’ve missed you! Great job on this one.

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