Call Spoofing

August 24, 2016

My phone number fell victim to the dreaded Caller ID Spoofing, which is when your number is used to mask the caller’s number, hiding the scammer’s identity or perhaps increasing the probability of a telemarketer getting through.

Consumers have some recourse in reporting the relentless, annoying onslaught, but little can be done by me, the owner of the phone number spoofed. Most end up changing their number altogether. We’ll see if I’m driven to that level of madness.

I immediately changed my voicemail to this:

“Please be aware, this number was highjacked by scammers or telemarketers. I did not call you, and I am sorry you have been inconvenienced too. If you are trying to reach Felicia, please text me.”

For three days, hundreds of people have been calling me. Even after hearing my sympatico voicemail, they scream demands to cease, remind of their Do Not Call status, insult for calling and hanging up.

Others have been quite polite. And thorough:

“Hi! It looks like a missed your call, and I’m not sure what it’s regarding so I wanted to follow up. My name is ….. and you can reach me at … … …. at your convenience. Thank you!”

It has been a fascinating exercise in phone etiquette, which I abandoned years ago.

  • I almost never talk on the phone unless at work
  • I pay no attention to missed calls. If I missed your call, I figure you’ll call back.
  • My usual voicemail message begs callers not to leave a voicemail, because I will never listen to it
  • Text me
  • I believe it should cost $1000 to leave a voicemail or to send a group text
  • If you get mad at me for not returning your call, our friendship is probably over because I’ll never even know you got mad. Especially if you leave me a voicemail about how mad you are.

Again, fascinating because of how much time, energy, and sometimes emotion each person invested in a missed call.

I prefer to invest in more important things, but I broke protocol and listened to a few. These are my favorites:

Angry Man #NSFW
Who gets this angry about anything, much less a missed call?

Who, indeed?

Bless You

Because random, fly-on-the-wall vicarious voicemail is best.

The calls are waning today, so I may not have to change my number. Call me in a few days to know for sure.

But please don’t leave a voicemail.


One Response to “Call Spoofing”

  1. Mary Kay Says:

    Thank God this has never happened to me ::knock on wood::

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